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Why I’ll never look at my monopod the same way again

I’ve lived in Florida most of my life. Spiders generally don’t bother me. In fact, I keep a designated “spider cup” and junk mail envelopes handy for humanely relocating arachnid friends from our home to our garden. I like to imagine they appreciate my assistance reuniting them with their kin. Naked and dripping wet from…

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Surat Thani

Surat Thani is not a destination. For travelers it is a transit town used to reach places like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or, in our case, Khao Sok.  There really isn’t much for tourists to do besides sleep for an evening and wake up early to catch a bus or a boat.  But that doesn’t…

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…Lest you become a sticky rice

I wiggled out of my shoes and mounted the steps of the Wat Phra Singh temple, one of Chiang Mai’s most venerated sites. After a week in Thailand, I was well aware that Buddhist monks are not allowed to touch women — or even directly accept anything a female attempts to hand them. And as…

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12 Craziest scooter cargo sightings

You might have heard scooters and motorbikes are a popular form of transportation in Southeast Asia. Wages are small and gasoline is expensive (the equivalent of $1.20 USD per liter in Vietnam, for example), so the majority of families that can afford motorized transportation opt for the two-wheeled variety. In Bangkok, designated moto taxis ferry…

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Two tickets on the Roach Express, please

Our original plan after visiting the temples of Ayutthaya was to take a night train to Chiang Mai.  This would have saved us a night in a hotel and gotten us to Chiang Mai early in the morning, refreshed from a night of resting on the train in a first-class sleeper berth, so we could…

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Approaching maximum Wat-age

“You got soup? On a train?!” This was my question to Her as she returned to our train car, bowl of curry noodle soup in hand, after searching the Bangkok station for lunch. “It’s better than your rat on a stick!” Her replied, referring to the skewered, grilled meats I had purchased during my own…

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Hanging with Buddha and Si Quey in Bangkok

Our first impression of Bangkok was exceptionally positive. This was largely due to the fact that our room at Silom Art Hostel happened to be about eight times the size of our Singapore hostel — and half the price. Plus, it had character: colorful paint flicked haphazardly on the walls, a sewing table modified into…

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