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“I’m not sure you’re built for climbing Everest, darling”

Warning: The following post describes some gross and  decidedly un-ladylike behavior. Read at your own discretion. Throughout our relationship, I’ve frequently teased Him for possessing a weak immune system. If someone — anyone — at his office had a cold, he would invariably catch it. Somehow, I managed to escape unscathed almost every time, and…

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Chasing wombats

When Him and I were in Nadi, Fiji, a remarkably witty hostel employee named Rico innocently instructed members of his kava circle to tell the group their favorite animal. Strumming on his guitar, Rico then began a sing-along in which each participant took a turn filling in the gaps of the song with two noises…

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Sydney-side up

I can’t imagine there are many major cities in which you’d spot someone lugging a surfboard down the sidewalk. In that respect — and many others — Sydney is unique. It’s a city of tunnels, many of them containing or leading to upscale shopping, and of water with a network of high-speed ferries available to…

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Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest

Our second “adventure” from Cairns was an overnight trip to Cape Tribulation located about an hour and a half north of Cairns.  We booked, again through our hostel, with a company called Active Tropics Explorer, a.k.a. Foaming Fury (they apparently also run white water rafting trips).  The trip promised us a guided bus ride to…

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The Great Barrier Reef

This was the opportunity I had been waiting for since the summer of 2011 when I got scuba certified in Jupiter.  I was going to be on a boat directly above the Great Barrier Reef and all I would have to do is strap on an air tank and mask to dive down and see…

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Welcome to Oz

November 20, 2012 was a very busy travel day for us.  We got up early to catch a 9AM flight from Nadi, Fiji to Sydney Australia.  We shared a cab to airport from our hostel, Bamboo Backpackers, with a college-aged girl from Canada.  She was in the middle of a multi-year trip in which she…

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