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The West Coast in two days (not enough time, but plenty of glaciers)

Day 4 – Dec 22 – Te Anau to Fox Glacier Like the Great Ocean Road in Australia, Highway 6 on New Zealand’s South Island is jam-packed with stunning places to stop, both marked and unmarked.  It seems that every turn in the road leads to a rushing river cutting through marvelously steep mountain passes…

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Milford Sound

We got up early to drive into Milford Sound, see the sights and go on a kayaking tour that included a 1-hour hike on the last couple miles of the Milford Track.  The tour, through Rosco’s Kayaks, was worth every penny.  Kayaking the sound is so much nicer than seeing it from a tourist cruise…

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Clay cliffs and heaps of sheeps

We hit the road early Thursday with three goals in mind: Get to Queenstown for lunch Arrive in Te Anau, the launching point for trips to Milford Sound, by early afternoon Take as many pictures of sheep and lupins as a 16GB memory card can hold.  Possibly fill an 8GB memory card as well. Our…

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The race begins

It wasn’t supposed to be a rally race around the island — it just worked out that way. Bookended by a Dec. 24-25 reservation at Abel Tasman Park and a family wedding after that, we had just four days to explore the south bit of New Zealand’s South Island. We touched down in Christchurch just…

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Purple carrots and placenta cream

Him says the list below consists of boring minutiae — and he’s probably correct (perhaps similar to your Facebook friends reporting on what they ate for breakfast) — but I’m going to share it anyway to justify the wad of receipts I’ve been carrying these past few weeks. Ever since we nearly succumbed to restaurant…

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“I’m sitting in Peter Jackson’s seat,” or a review of “The Hobbit”

Let me begin with an admission: I’m a Lord of the Rings fan. Not a let’s-attend-Comic-Con-dressed-as-elves kind of fan, but I read the books, watched each of the films during their first run in theaters and, as a teen, hung a framed poster from the “Fellowship of the Ring” on my bedroom wall. I confess…

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