CVS and Walgreens charge $9.99 for 2 passport photos. With this tool you can make passport photos for less than $0.05 a piece. We used this method for creating our Indian visa photos and a few extra visa photos for the trip that all worked without issue.

  1. Enter a URL pointing to a photo of you with a plain background, no glasses, no smiling (see State Department rules here) -- ability to upload a photo coming soon, in the meantime use Flickr or something
  2. Click and Drag on the photo area to the right to make your face fit in the guidelines on the template to the left. Get the head size correct, then line up the eyes and center line of the face.
  3. Click the buttons below to create a single 600x600 pixel passport photo (2x2 inches @ 300dpi) or a 4x6 inch print with 6 copies of your photo
  4. You can then print it out or send it to a local photo printer (CVS, Walgreens, etc)

Special thanks to Michal Wojciechowski for imgAreaSelect

The US State Department also provides a tool to make passport photos. You can use the output of that tool on this page to make a 4x6 print with 6 photos of yourself.

Click and drag to select target area