Taking Off

So we’re finally leaving. As we sit in the terminal at PBI airport, I find myself running through a last minute worry list: Did I set the AC to 80? Did I turn off the water heater? Did I remember to shut off the coffee machine?!? But I think these worries will pass once we’re wheels up and heading west. I’m a worrier by nature, and this trip will definitely put me well outside my comfort zone. My hope is that, like jumping into a cold swimming pool rather than slowly creeping in, I will cure myself of at least some of my worrying habits.

I’ll report back in the not-to-distant future to let you know if my plan worked or backfired.

PS This is the first post I’ve created using the WordPress app for my iPhone. Hopefully it works out!

See you guys in Los Angeles!

4 Responses to Taking Off

  1. ΘΧ

    Have a great (and safe) time!

  2. Kim Winslow

    No worries all will be fine between Bobby, Carole, Mom and I we will handle any issues that come up. Thanks for the 7 page house manual, 2 page Web and Social Networking Account Info for the Rover, and 1 page phone and email contacts. You two were meant for each other – no detail left unturned! Have fun, great adventures and come home in one piece (one piece each).


    • Jamie

      (Wait til they have kids – imagine the babysitting note!)

  3. Jeroen Leverman

    Have fun…..memories and experience that will transform you

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