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“Paging Mr. Petronas…”

In all honesty, I think we chose Kuala Lumpur as our next destination because the name sounded exotic. It didn’t matter anyway. We spent our first two days in the Malaysian capital in bed, recovering from Thailand’s parting gift to us: food poisoning. When we finally emerged from our hotel at the crossroads of Chinatown…

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Paradise and projectile vomiting

According to the in-flight magazine that inspired our trip to Railay, Krabi’s rock climbing is unparalleled.  Climbing enthusiasts dream about scaling the limestone cliffs surrounding the beaches here, and just about everywhere you look are people and monkeys dangling from seemingly impossible places. Our Lonely Planet guide had informed us that somewhere along the walkway…

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En route to paradise via tourist purgatory

Hat Prah Nang on Railay in southern Thailand probably fits the description of paradise for most people. White sand beaches line a calm turquoise sea where karst limestone cliffs rise strikingly hundreds of feet out of the water. This also happens to be the place where Her and I suffered the worst bout of food…

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“Oh my Buddha!”

We had been hiking, single-file, through the bamboo jungle of Khao Sok National Park for about an hour when a dreadful notion suddenly teased my over-active imagination: This was an ideal scenario for tour guides with malicious intent to rob us and leave us to wander helplessly in the wild. Anticipating wading through the chilly…

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Top-10 porter loads on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Nepal’s Sherpa population has served as the backbone of the country’s tourism industry ever since the first westerners set their sights on Mount Everest’s summit. Despite the passage of more than 150 years, Everest and her base camp remain isolated, the rough terrain preventing construction of true roadways or railways. Crude “airports” dotting the region…

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