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Make Hummus Not Walls

On the morning we set out to cross the Israeli-Palestinian border for a day-trip to Bethlehem, we heard what sounded like a baby crying in the open foyer of an apartment building on Jaffa Street. Investigating, we discovered a tiny kitten huddled in a corner on the cold, marble floor. Her, champion of hungry and…

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Exceeding maximum wat-age

The name “Angkor,” tends to conjure up images of Angkor Wat, that massive, 200-hectacre Khmer temple and its lotus-like towers. But Angkor Wat is just one of the scores of temples within the ancient city of Angkor. Angkor Archaeological Park passes are issued in one ($20), two ($40) or three-day ($60) increments to allow time…

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“Paging Mr. Petronas…”

In all honesty, I think we chose Kuala Lumpur as our next destination because the name sounded exotic. It didn’t matter anyway. We spent our first two days in the Malaysian capital in bed, recovering from Thailand’s parting gift to us: food poisoning. When we finally emerged from our hotel at the crossroads of Chinatown…

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