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Budgeting or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Excel

Planning this trip has been one of the more difficult things for me to do budget-wise.  Having never traveled this extensively at one time, it has been tricky to estimate what costs we will incur along the way.  Some expenses like airline tickets and hotel costs can be found online, but with our itinerary still…

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Go west, young man (and woman)

Our trip will begin in Fiji.  Two weeks ago we purchased our tickets to Australia.  LAX->SYD by way of NAD (Nadi, Fiji).  We discovered these tickets because of the price, but we were intrigued by the layover.  Fiji.  Her remembered the scene in “The Truman Show” when Jim Carrey’s character said, “You can’t get any…

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Are we crazy? Probably.

Purchasing one-way tickets to Fiji is probably the most irresponsible move either of us has ever made — or probably will ever make. Our timing, of course, is terrible. The country – and much of the world – is in financial dire straits. Unemployment rates still flounder in the stratosphere and job security is thin….

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Compelled to Travel

We’re newlyweds who have squirreled away enough money over the last year and a half to feel confident we can quit our day jobs and travel for an extended period of time.  This trip is something we have both dreamed about for the last decade and are finally getting the chance to experience it.  Our…

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