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Purple carrots and placenta cream

Him says the list below consists of boring minutiae — and he’s probably correct (perhaps similar to your Facebook friends reporting on what they ate for breakfast) — but I’m going to share it anyway to justify the wad of receipts I’ve been carrying these past few weeks. Ever since we nearly succumbed to restaurant…

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Before Babies Bucketlist

My mom’s version of “The Talk” was sharing terrifying anecdotes about the dire consequences of sex: death from AIDS, ostracization from respectable society and – worst of all – pregnancy. Having a baby, she said, will completely scramble your life. It’s the end of all fun as you currently know it. “And if you get…

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Ensuring we’re insured

This week I made another step in the process towards our escape from reality and purchased travel insurance that covers medical emergencies while we’re abroad. When I was a twenty-something rebel, travel medical insurance wouldn’t have really been a major concern.  I would have been too focused on how to have the most fun.  But…

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On full alert for the best-dressed collection of cockroach corpses

During the past few years, I’ve developed a habit of obsessively researching our vacation destinations before we depart. If the world’s best ceviche or even the best-dressed collection of cockroach corpses just so happens to be nearby, I want to know about it and experience it before I leave. My failure to recognize Barcelona as…

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Budgeting or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Excel

Planning this trip has been one of the more difficult things for me to do budget-wise.  Having never traveled this extensively at one time, it has been tricky to estimate what costs we will incur along the way.  Some expenses like airline tickets and hotel costs can be found online, but with our itinerary still…

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I’m the reason you can’t find a single library book on Australia

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but ever since we started planning The Trip, I’ve become a bit of a library book hoarder. Our county’s library system consists of multiple branches, and I’ve come to realize that the one closest to our house – deep in the midst of Snowbird country — has been unofficially designated…

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