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Make your own passport or visa photos

Before we left to travel, Her and I used a Photoshop template to create our own photos for our Indian visa applications.  CVS wanted to charge us $9.99 each for two passport photos, and although they would have done all the work, I am a real cheapskate and was sure I could find a way…

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Thailand Budget

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a country budget, so I am going to try to catch up over the next week or so. After spending two months counting every penny while traveling in very expensive Australia and New Zealand, the value of Southeast Asia was outstanding.  Instead of cooking our own food, we…

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Singapore Budget Breakdown

Singapore was somewhere between the cheapness of Southeast Asia and the expense of Australia/New Zealand.  It is certainly possible to stay in Singapore very cheaply just as it is possible to break the bank there, but we tried to take a middle road.  We stayed just 4 nights, and found a double room for about…

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New Zealand Budget Breakdown

Our blog continues getting further behind as we keep traveling and struggle to find time to write blog entries, but I will be diligent in keeping our budget posts coming as we complete the blog entries for each country. New Zealand, although not nearly as expensive as Australia, is still not quite a budget traveler’s…

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Purple carrots and placenta cream

Him says the list below consists of boring minutiae — and he’s probably correct (perhaps similar to your Facebook friends reporting on what they ate for breakfast) — but I’m going to share it anyway to justify the wad of receipts I’ve been carrying these past few weeks. Ever since we nearly succumbed to restaurant…

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Australia Budget Breakdown (Warning: Extremely scary numbers ahead)

Although our blog hasn’t quite caught up with us, we left Australia more than 10 days ago and have been traveling around the south island of New Zealand before we head to Auckland for a family wedding!  But in the meantime, I’ve finalized all my expenses for Australia and wanted to share my results. My…

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Fiji Budget Breakdown

So I’ve set up my spreadsheet a little better (still a work in progress) to help us keep track of where we are spending our money.  Maybe this information is useful to someone out there who is planning a trip.  The cost breakdown below is solely costs incurred while in Fiji and doesn’t cover any…

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