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A 12-hour, nearly odor-free bus ride

We had stocked our bags with trail mix and fruit before boarding our 12-hour bus ride from Wellington to Auckland, but we soon learned our provisions had to be consumed in utter secrecy. John, our bleary-eyed, semi-retired bus driver, does not like food on his bus. And, as he warned us before each pit stop,…

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Fiji Budget Breakdown

So I’ve set up my spreadsheet a little better (still a work in progress) to help us keep track of where we are spending our money.  Maybe this information is useful to someone out there who is planning a trip.  The cost breakdown below is solely costs incurred while in Fiji and doesn’t cover any…

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Nadi (pronounced Nandi)

Nadi is mainly a transit town.  It’s the main travel hub for the country as almost all international flights land in Nadi.  We experienced the town in a similar way as we just had an afternoon there before our early flight the next morning.  We arrived after a 4 hour bus ride from Suva (an…

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Our first Bollywood experience

Nothing is open in Suva on Sundays — and, quite possibly — in all of Fiji. Nothing, that is, except the movie theater. Suva’s Village Six Cinema is located on Scott Street near the wharf. We walked past it as the weather became drizzling and dreary, so we decided to give it a try by…

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Every girl needs a cannibal fork

Some travel guides advise against visiting Suva, Fiji’s capital, because it’s a big city with some crime, but I think we both found downtown Nadi to be more threatening due to the aggressive shopkeepers and opportunistic “guides” that will follow you down the street spouting unsolicited directions and advice in hopes of coin. More on…

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