My mom’s version of “The Talk” was sharing terrifying anecdotes about the dire consequences of sex: death from AIDS, ostracization from respectable society and – worst of all – pregnancy.

Having a baby, she said, will completely scramble your life. It’s the end of all fun as you currently know it.

“And if you get pregnant, don’t you think I’m raising that baby for you,” she promised. “I’ve done my time.”

OK, she probably didn’t use that exact phrasing, but the overall message was clear: Don’t – under any circumstances — get knocked up until you’re married and prepared to completely devote your life to that child.

So I’m 29 and married now. Motherhood would be an incredible gift, but I’m not yet ready to stop being selfish, and I don’t think Him is either. In fact, this blog was nearly dubbed “The Before Babies Bucketlist” because that’s essentially what it is: A last-ditch effort to be international hobos (Just overheard Greta Van Susteren use that term and had to work it in) and visit all those far-away destinations considered too dangerous, romantic or expensive to take kids.  In our case, that means most of the Eastern Hemisphere, and our tentative itinerary includes Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Turkey, Tanzania and South Africa. At one point, we included Egypt, but in light of the recent violence there, we’ve conceded that our mothers have exercised a reasonable veto.

Here’s a quick overview of why we want to visit each country on the list and what we’re hoping to see and experience before the stork (eventually) arrives:

Fiji: Pacific Air offers extended layovers from Los Angeles to Sydney, so we’re stretching our own just a bit. The Fijian islands are renowned for their exquisite beaches, and we plan to select one, grab a bucket of beers and recuperate from our 10-hour flight in the shadow of some palms. Anticipated length of stay: 5 days.

Australia: It’s always been on the top of our list (In fact, it was our original honeymoon destination), and the country is so far away and so vast that this is likely the only opportunity we’ll have to see it so extensively. Our top Aussie excursions include the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and Adelaide-area wine country (Mollydooker is a family favorite). Anticipated length of stay: 4 weeks

New Zealand: Who’s seen the LOTR films and hasn’t dreamed of regal, snow-capped peaks and green moss blanketed forests? But New Zealand promises to offer much more than retired Shire sets. It seems everyone who has ever set foot on New Zealand gushes about the scenery and the never-ending options for outdoor adventure. Waiheke Island off Auckland also happens to be the location of my second-cousin’s Jan.4 nuptials to a Kiwi, and we are so thrilled to be invited. Anticipated length of stay: 3 weeks

Japan: Although we originally deemed Japan too expensive to fit our budget, we decided to try to squeeze it in after listening to “Dave Barry does Japan” on audiobook and roaring with laughter at his mishaps exploring the alien culture (This book is a must-read for Dave Barry fans, travelers and anyone with a sense of humor). As an added bonus, a good friend and former colleague of mine currently lives outside Tokyo, a reporter for Stars and Stripes. Anticipated length of stay: 1-2 weeks

China:  Our first Communist country! I think we’re both eager to soak up the history and culture of the world’s oldest continuous civilization. Anticipated length of stay: 2-3 weeks

Cambodia: In addition to the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” aura offered by jungle-shrouded temples (that iconic opening scene is meant to take place in a Peruvian temple, but you know what I mean), I feel it’s important to learn what we can about the Khmer Rouge genocide. Anticipated length of stay: 1- 2 weeks

Thailand: Jungle trekking, pristine beaches and authentic Thai food! Anticipated length of stay: 2-3 weeks

India: I anticipate we’ll experience the greatest culture shock in India. In fact, guidebooks warn backpacking Westerners against flying directly into India from the U.S. Instead, they suggest easing into the culture by traveling elsewhere in Asia first. From what I’ve gleaned from books, T.V., films and chats with other travelers, India can be both culturally intoxicating and maddeningly chaotic. I look forward to experiencing both side of the country – and the delicious food! Anticipated length of stay: 4 weeks

Nepal: Him is determined to make the two-week hike to Base Camp. I’m all in. Anticipated length of stay: 3 weeks

Turkey: If the anti-American protests ease up, we’d love to experience Istanbul, marvel at the Islamic architecture and get lost in the bazaars. Anticipated length of stay: 2 weeks

Tanzania: Other than being the home of Mt. Kilimanjaro, I honestly didn’t know much about Tanzania until I started researching the best safari sites. According to Lonely Planet, Tanzania is home to Africa’s “most alluring destinations.”  Anticipated length of stay: 2 weeks

South Africa: Him’s brother and sister-in-law visited South Africa in 2008, and they have been encouraging us to go ever since. Their accounts of Kruger National Park, the incredible wine and the beauty of the capes have convinced us to follow in their footsteps. Anticipated length of stay: 2 weeks