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Fiji Budget Breakdown

So I’ve set up my spreadsheet a little better (still a work in progress) to help us keep track of where we are spending our money.  Maybe this information is useful to someone out there who is planning a trip.  The cost breakdown below is solely costs incurred while in Fiji and doesn’t cover any…

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Sydney-side up

I can’t imagine there are many major cities in which you’d spot someone lugging a surfboard down the sidewalk. In that respect — and many others — Sydney is unique. It’s a city of tunnels, many of them containing or leading to upscale shopping, and of water with a network of high-speed ferries available to…

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Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest

Our second “adventure” from Cairns was an overnight trip to Cape Tribulation located about an hour and a half north of Cairns.  We booked, again through our hostel, with a company called Active Tropics Explorer, a.k.a. Foaming Fury (they apparently also run white water rafting trips).  The trip promised us a guided bus ride to…

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The Great Barrier Reef

This was the opportunity I had been waiting for since the summer of 2011 when I got scuba certified in Jupiter.  I was going to be on a boat directly above the Great Barrier Reef and all I would have to do is strap on an air tank and mask to dive down and see…

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Welcome to Oz

November 20, 2012 was a very busy travel day for us.  We got up early to catch a 9AM flight from Nadi, Fiji to Sydney Australia.  We shared a cab to airport from our hostel, Bamboo Backpackers, with a college-aged girl from Canada.  She was in the middle of a multi-year trip in which she…

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Nadi (pronounced Nandi)

Nadi is mainly a transit town.  It’s the main travel hub for the country as almost all international flights land in Nadi.  We experienced the town in a similar way as we just had an afternoon there before our early flight the next morning.  We arrived after a 4 hour bus ride from Suva (an…

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Our first Bollywood experience

Nothing is open in Suva on Sundays — and, quite possibly — in all of Fiji. Nothing, that is, except the movie theater. Suva’s Village Six Cinema is located on Scott Street near the wharf. We walked past it as the weather became drizzling and dreary, so we decided to give it a try by…

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Every girl needs a cannibal fork

Some travel guides advise against visiting Suva, Fiji’s capital, because it’s a big city with some crime, but I think we both found downtown Nadi to be more threatening due to the aggressive shopkeepers and opportunistic “guides” that will follow you down the street spouting unsolicited directions and advice in hopes of coin. More on…

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Fiji: Day 2

  After a very tiring and sweaty first day in Fiji, we decided to kick it up a notch and see some sights. The first thing we did, after our morning coffee, was to walk from our hotel to the Kula Eco Park. The entrance to the park is situated almost directly across the Queen’s…

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“Oh my God. We’re on the wrong side of the road.”

That astute observation was among my first upon arriving in Fiji. I remember climbing onto the Coral Sun Express and absently thinking, “That’s odd: The bus driver is seated on the wrong side. How quaint.” We had read about Fijians driving on the left side of the road, but I didn’t remember that fact until we pulled out onto the main thoroughfare,…

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