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Ah, Venice (Beach)

Her and I have a kind of long (7 hour) layover in LAX, and decided to catch a cab to see some of Los Angeles and grab some dinner (late lunch on California time). We intended to go to Santa Monica, but let the very friendly cabbie (Daniel Solomon Klein) talk us into going to…

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Taking Off

So we’re finally leaving. As we sit in the terminal at PBI airport, I find myself running through a last minute worry list: Did I set the AC to 80? Did I turn off the water heater? Did I remember to shut off the coffee machine?!? But I think these worries will pass once we’re…

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Free to a good home: 15-year-old halter top and “mature” capris

We’ve spent the last few days frantically packing up the house to make room for Him’s parents, my parents and other family members generously planning to stay in our home to take care of our three cats while we’re gallivanting across the globe. Throughout this process, I’ve noticed Him has taken to holding up random…

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Not quite the kitchen sink (but close)

It took me several hours, but I spent today (when I wasn’t chasing our resident squirrel away from the birdfeeder) weeding through the mountain of gear I’ve amassed during the last few months. Thanks to some incredible friends and colleagues at my former workplace, I had some great options to choose from, and I regret…

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Voicemail message from my mom

“Hey, this is Mom. I was just online, looking about germs when you are traveling, and it said the tables that you use behind the seats, on airplanes, are filthy. And the pockets behind the seats, where they have little magazines, are filthy. They said the bathrooms are filthy. And they said handrails – keep…

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