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Your Everest Base Camp trek packing list

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but let me repeat: I have NEVER been as cold as I was on the Everest Base Camp trek — not even during that Disney half-marathon when we ran with Him’s parents through the rain, hail, sleet and snow in shorts, and his dad defrosted with a hair dryer…

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Not quite the kitchen sink (but close)

It took me several hours, but I spent today (when I wasn’t chasing our resident squirrel away from the birdfeeder) weeding through the mountain of gear I’ve amassed during the last few months. Thanks to some incredible friends and colleagues at my former workplace, I had some great options to choose from, and I regret…

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From body bag to child’s sack pack

Within my family, I’m sort of notorious for my inability to pack light. As a pre-teen, I made up hotel beds with my own pillow and blankets lest any exposed skin come in contact with whatever bodily fluids the last occupants left behind. As a 19-year-old college student, I saw most of Europe at a…

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A new toy

A couple of weeks ago I took the advice of my guitar teacher and made a purchase to take with me on our journey: The Martin Backpacker. I know that our goal is to travel light and minimize the unnecessary items in our packs, but I’ve made a very large investment in my guitar playing…

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Blowing the ole tin sandwich

My harmonica arrived today. Proud of his purchase, Him conspicuously placed the instrument on the kitchen counter so I would be sure to see it as soon as I arrived home. Conjuring up every image of Bob Dylan I could, I cupped my hands around the Hohner Special 20 and blew my first reedy shriek….

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How many pairs of underwear?!

While watching my beloved Gators pull one out against Texas A&M this weekend, I began to wonder about what I would need to take with me on this trip.  Her and I have often joked about things we would or would not take with us, but I hadn’t seriously considered what I would require for…

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So why “CompassWhistle?”

We are aware “CompassWhistle” is an odd name for a blog. For weeks, we Googled synonyms for “travel” and “journey,” researched travel-related quotes and scoured the dictionary for quirky, nonsense-sounding words. (Admittedly, we once harbored delusions of grandeur, imagining we’d hit upon the next one-word URL superpower like “Amazon.com” or “eBay.com.”) I compiled list upon…

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