So why “CompassWhistle?”

We are aware “CompassWhistle” is an odd name for a blog. For weeks, we Googled synonyms for “travel” and “journey,” researched travel-related quotes and scoured the dictionary for quirky, nonsense-sounding words. (Admittedly, we once harbored delusions of grandeur, imagining we’d hit upon the next one-word URL superpower like “” or “”) I compiled list upon list of options (below), even keeping track of all the unavailable domains I queried of the impervious beast in vain hopes of stumbling across a clever – and unclaimed — variation.

So why “CompassWhistle?” I thought of the odd coupling one day at work while reflecting on the last “Big Trip” I took, a six-week jaunt through Western Europe with my best friend from high school. Throughout that adventure, a combination compass-whistle-thermometer swung from my bright-red Lowepro camera backpack. As far as I can remember, I only used this ridiculous gizmo once during the trip: to whistle a warning at an overly familiar Parisian male trailing my 6-foot tall, strawberry-blond companion. That was 10 years ago, but I still posses that darn whistle and plan to take it on this journey. Somehow, I don’t anticipate needing it to defend my current traveling companion, but maybe it will help remind us which way is north.

Don’t even bother. These domains are taken:

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