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Giving notice — His turn

Him has decided to give his notice tomorrow. I think he’s nervous. “If you were a manager, would you rather be told your employee is leaving in the morning or right before you go home for the day?” he asked me tonight. Hmmm. I didn’t know. “I think I’m going to do it in the…

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Calming the Voices of Reason

My mom is one of those “60 Minutes” mothers: She tunes into primetime news magazine shows, and I tune her out the next morning when she calls to warn me against plastic water bottles causing brain cancer and Nigerian princes maliciously soliciting bank account numbers. But in 2003, just after U.S. troops invaded Iraq, she…

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Subject line: “When you have a minute…”

My hands trembled as I typed the email requesting a private meeting in the conference room. An agonizing 20 minutes passed before my manager replied: “OK.” I knew he knew what I had to say, and I rushed past him and toward the conference room as soon as I heard his feet shuffling behind me….

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A sentence-long letter is burning a hole through my purse

It’s lunch break at work, and I’m lounged across the backseat of my SUV, sweating in the blazing Florida sun, as I write this. Why? I’ve suddenly decided to give my notice today after lunch. There’s more than a month between now and my preferred final day of employment, and I worry about being prematurely…

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Third wheel

When prompted as a young child, my little sister would consider only two options for her future husband: “Daddy or Barkley.” Our father, of course, was spoken for thanks to Mom, and Barkley, well, Barkley was the family dog. Twenty or so years later, Barkley has passed along, and my sister has been forced to…

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How many pairs of underwear?!

While watching my beloved Gators pull one out against Texas A&M this weekend, I began to wonder about what I would need to take with me on this trip.  Her and I have often joked about things we would or would not take with us, but I hadn’t seriously considered what I would require for…

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On full alert for the best-dressed collection of cockroach corpses

During the past few years, I’ve developed a habit of obsessively researching our vacation destinations before we depart. If the world’s best ceviche or even the best-dressed collection of cockroach corpses just so happens to be nearby, I want to know about it and experience it before I leave. My failure to recognize Barcelona as…

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Budgeting or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Excel

Planning this trip has been one of the more difficult things for me to do budget-wise.  Having never traveled this extensively at one time, it has been tricky to estimate what costs we will incur along the way.  Some expenses like airline tickets and hotel costs can be found online, but with our itinerary still…

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