When prompted as a young child, my little sister would consider only two options for her future husband: “Daddy or Barkley.” Our father, of course, was spoken for thanks to Mom, and Barkley, well, Barkley was the family dog. Twenty or so years later, Barkley has passed along, and my sister has been forced to broaden her field of potential suitors. Her fiancé is a tall, muscular, blond, blue-eyed Australian veterinarian and avid surfer with a terrific sense of humor and adventure. Sounds absolutely dreamy, right? There’s just one problem with Sis’ betrothed: She hasn’t met him yet.

The future Mr. Sis?

Naturally, when Sis learned we were bound for Australia, she wanted to tag along and find, seduce and marry her Outback adventure man, but she’s contracted to her job and can’t leave for two years yet. So to help start Sis on her way toward wedded bliss, Him and I are in the process of commissioning a life-sized photo of her to take on our journey. The photo will serve two purposes: It will provide a substantial visual to market my sister to any eligible bachelor we happen to meet and, more importantly, it will allow us to test how said bachelor might look on her arm (as you can see, we had her pose with her right arm extended to better slip it over the bachelor’s shoulders). We plan to cut the picture into sections and articulate each of paper Sis’ joints with a rivet to create a compact, life-sized paper doll for both easy packing and manipulation. I’ll be sure to provide an update and photo as soon as paper Sis arrives.