A sentence-long letter is burning a hole through my purse

It’s lunch break at work, and I’m lounged across the backseat of my SUV, sweating in the blazing Florida sun, as I write this. Why? I’ve suddenly decided to give my notice today after lunch. There’s more than a month between now and my preferred final day of employment, and I worry about being prematurely escorted out, but guilt has spurred me on.

Months ago, before we booked the Big Trip, I agreed to accompany my manager to a high-profile charity conference in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, the conference starts late next week, and I would need to give two week’s notice almost as soon as I returned from the conference in order to stick to our trip timeline. By sharing my intentions now, my manager can (hopefully!) arrange for another employee – one who can better benefit from the conference – to take my place.

Despite my eagerness to quit corporate culture and travel, meetings like the one I’m about to have generally cause both Him and I to become physically ill. I was hoping we could gain courage from the solidarity of quitting on the same day, but I’ll be the guinea pig. Wish me luck. I have no idea how my manager will take the news.

Update to come post-meeting…

One Response to A sentence-long letter is burning a hole through my purse

  1. Kim

    Go girl you are doing the right thing which sometimes is not always the easy thing. You know in your heart it is right so regardless of the outcome you will be able to face yourself in the mirror tomorrow and say you did it right. One day you will be asked to explain why a new employer should hire you and you will be able to respond – “character” – despite your own concern for loss of employment and health insurance you choose the ethical road and gave your employer appropriate notice to find a replacement and save them the cost of sending you rather than another to a valuable career opportunity at their expense. Mom and I are proud of you and I know this will make your trip all the more meaningful because you will have a clear conscience about how you left.


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