Oh the temptation!

Our first “The Godmother Says” question comes from Ancient Mariner of Lake Worth, Fla.:

Dear Godmother,

My wife and I are about to alter our lifestyle in much the same way you and Him have. We wonder how you avoid the temptation to strangle each other, now that you are together 24/7?

Ancient Mariner


Ancient Mariner,

At first, the temptation to strangle Him was too great…so I did. On the bright side, I can now travel for a year instead of just six months. Next question!

The Godmother


*Remember to send your burning travel etiquette questions to thegodmother@compasswhistle.com.


2 Responses to Oh the temptation!

  1. Scot

    Good, his posts sucked!

  2. UH


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